Graphic Design


        A visual representation¬†of my Tuesday routine. (2012)

The Fall

A short snippet of a larger collaborative video. This animation features a falling letter “h” set to the tune of “Glassworks” by Phillip Glass.

Fahrenheit 451

An e-book promotional video. The video demonstrates an e-book with a layer of subtle design that echoes the nature of the book. When not read the text fades running parallel with undertones of knowledge in the book.

Book Covers

An essay on typography by Eric Gill  

Product Design

BIKUM – Green-tea Cigarettes A study in product design and branding.

Digital Painting

Digital Painting In my free time I enjoy painting. It is a skill I do not generally employ in most of my work as I find drawing and illustrating can become a crutch of a personal style. I do not